Privacy Policy - Flying Car Game: Police Games

Its always very important to be aware of your personal details online, so we are here to tell you some important information like: There are two types of data we can collect on you:

Non Personal Information

Unless directly stated otherwise Flying Car Game: Police Games does not need or collect any personal information of our users which may identify them as an individual. In some cases we also use third party tools which also may store non-personal information to function.

Personal Information

In cases where personal information is used it's clearly stated before collection and requires acceptance of our terms of services beforehand. Personal information is information which can be directly linked to you as a person. This includes information such as name, nickname, email, uploaded images or location.


Flying Car Game: Police Games uses Google Analytics or Google Firebase to help analyse users behavior in the game. We mainly look out for how long users have spent in the game and how many levels were played. This information is then used to evaluate use of our game and to improve the usability. All information collected via Google Services is anonymous non-personal data. Google privacy policy: Apple privacy policy:


Free games & apps

We display advertisements in our free apps and games to fund the development process for current and future services. The advertisements are provided by third party companies and if the user consented to personalized ads then your advertising identifier will be shared with the ad provider to select ads relevant to you. In some cases non-precise geolocation may be shared identifying the country or city you are located in.

Our apps may contain advertising from any of these networks:

Unity (Unity Ads) privacy policy:
Google (AdMob) privacy policy:
Facebook (Facebook Ads) privacy policy:
Yodo1 privacy policy:
AppLovin privacy policy:

Paid Games & Apps

Our paid apps and games do not contain third party advertisements and thus no data is collected by third parties.

In-House Advertisements

In our games we display internal advertisements in which we advertise other Google play games which we feel players will be interested in; in order to provide the best scope of advertisements we use data listing which of your games you already have installed on your device. No user specific or app specific information is stored or recorded.

In-app Products


Some of our apps include paid items which can be purchased for additional content. These apps are labeled as containing in-app purchases on the storefront prior to purchase. Paid items are clearly labeled as a paid item displaying price in your local currency prior to accepting and making the purchase. Parents can also apply parental filters which require approval before these items can be purchased or simply block in-app purchasing completely.

Auto-Renewing Subscriptions

These subscriptions will automatically charge you until manually cancelled. Visit the subscription management section of your app store to cancel an active subscription. Manage Google Play android Subscriptions: Manage Apple App Store iOS Subscriptions:

Non-Renewing Subscriptions

These are subscriptions which need to be manually paid per billing cycle. When left unpaid the subscription will be cancelled at the end of the billing period and any rewards for continuous subscription periods may be lost.


Our applications and games are intended for a general audience of all ages, and we do not knowingly collect or track personal information from users under 13 years old. When a user informs us they are we will delete any personal information we have tracked and stop tracking further information or we will make sure we get prior parental consent. We may collect non-personal information, this information will be anonymous and we will not be able to tie this information to a specific user, this is a byproduct of an anonymous system not allowing us to distinguish between those over 13 and those under 13. If you are a parent or guardian and are worried that we may have tracked personal information about your child unknowingly please contact us at and we will delete any information from our system.


Please contact regarding any issue you may be having.

Changing to our Privacy Policy

The internet and our business is constantly evolving and it may be the case that we have to update this document to comply with new standards, laws or protocols as well as emerging technologies, concerns or threats. We do recommend regularly checking this document for changes.